JoJo DeRodrigo


JoJo DeRodrigo is Somatic Sex Coach in the San Francisco Bay area who uses Sexological Bodywork as a tool to assist people to get in touch with their erotic core.  He facilitates workshops that incorporate movement, touch, breath, conversation and laughter! He has presented many workshops all over California, from the flirty Smooching 101: (How to make out like a pro!)Overcoming ShynessEye Gazing Yoga and the more thoughtful Sexological Bodytales which is about dealing with shame around our bodies, sex etc. He also is on a mission to have people start "asking for what they need" when they are feeling erotic, whether it is in a group, with a partner or alone! JoJo is very passionate about working with people with body issues; skin disorders, weight and feeling disconnected from their sexuality because of the outward appearance. He has been a speaker for the Speak Network, traveling around the country talking about his journey with Psoriasis. JoJo is a trained Hypnotherapist and loves to incorporate hypnosis, guided imagery and NLP to educate about sexual discovery! And loves to play around with Erotic Hypnosis. One of JoJo's most popular workshops at the California Men's Gathering is Nude Hypnosis! He practices tantra in his personal life and really enjoys having tantric playdates with others!  To find out more about JoJo and his work, check out his website. or send him an email